Here at Balaklava Primary School we offer a range of Specialist subjects apart from the phenomenal learning that takes place in our classrooms. depending on the year level our students have weekly lessons in French, Performing Arts, Science and PE.

Music is a strong focus within our Performing Arts program with the school having a choir, ensemble and rock band. The highlights every year include performing at local assemblies, local events (such as the Balaklava Show, Mill Court Nursing Home, Reconciliation Week activities), Festival of Music performance at the Festival Theatre and inclusion in the Balaklava Eisteddfod.

Physical Education and sport is also a strength in our school and wider community. Students have access to a range of sporting activities delivered by class teachers and our Specialist PE teacher. The school accesses the National Sporting Schools program giving our students the opportunity to develop their skills under qualified coaches.

Students in Year 5-7 have the opportunity to participate in a range of SAPSASA sporting events.

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Learning at Balaklava

Balaklava Primary School curriculum is base on the Australian Curriculum, which includes the following areas of study:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Health and Physical Education (HPE)
  • Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS)
  • The Arts
  • Technologies
  • Languages other than English – at BPS and BHS students study French. This is supported by a school based specialist teacher.


Staff at Balaklava Primary School differentiate the curriculum to cater for invidual needs, allowing your child to progress at his / her own rate. Every effort is made to provide consistency across the school.


Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar is taught in all of our classes

What is Jolly Phonics

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At Balaklava Primary School we have a focus on numeracy – understanding, fluency, reasoning and problem solving.  We participate in around 300 minutes a week of math activities using concrete materials to help engage students. 

Each lesson students participate in warm up activities, explicit teaching of a skill, practise activities and then a sharing or review of the lesson.  A range of numeracy activities will be included on the website so you at home can create your own games to play to practise skills and consolidate your child’s learning. 

  • Count all

  • Count on

  • Subitising

  • Double

  • Turn around

  • Rainbow fact

Classroom Learning

Information for this subject is coming soon.

Lunchtime Activities

Play At Lunchtime (PALS)

SRC is offering Play At Lunchtime to our reception to Yr 2 students every Thursday  lunchtime  in the well. The students are invited to come along and play some games which our senior students have chosen. They activities will include warm-ups followed by some short team or chasey games and finishing with a cool down activity. The activities will encourage coordination, team work and learning to be a good winner and loser. Thankyou to Janna Mojares, Mackensey  Dale and Josh Michael who are the first PALS leaders.

Buddy Class Programs
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Nature Play
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Learning Support
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Other Programs

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French Day

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Resource Centre

Photos from Book Week.


Have you ever seen an unusual rock formation, looked in the mirror, made a salad dressing, used solar power, or looked up at the stars at night? Then you have touched on the many subjects you will learn doing fun science experiments at our school! Science is all around us…once you become aware of it, the possibilities to explore our world and make it better for the future are endless!

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