Enrolment Information

Enrolment Procedures

There are two enrolment procedures, one for children who will be coming to school straight from Pre-school and one for students transferring from other educational sites.

Enrolling Straight From Pre-School
Balaklava Primary School in partnership with Balaklava Community Children’s Centre has a well-established Transition Programme. Through our coordinated Transition Programme, Pre-school children are supported with a range of opportunities to familiarise themselves and their families with the school environment and staff, enabling them to start school confidently.

If your child is enrolling straight from a Preschool setting other than Balaklava Community Children’s Centre or has not attended Preschool, please contact the Principal at your earliest convenience to negotiate how you and your child can access our Transition Programme.

The Transition Programme

The Transition Programme occurs the term before children commence school and generally will involve:

  • Visits by the Pre-school children in groups to the school
  • Return visits by the Reception children to the Balaklava Community Children’s Centre with staff
  • Throughout the year, both Balaklava Primary School staff and students read or do relationship building activities with the Balaklava Community Children’s Centre children at the Preschool
  • Joint activities are undertaken by the school & Balaklava Community 
    Children’s Centre eg Literacy & Numeracy celebrations, joint performances
  • The Balaklava Primary Newsletter is available through the Balaklava Community Children’s Centre or if you prefer, please contact the Principal 
    and organise to receive your personal copy.
  • As part of one of the school visits the Reception students provide the Balaklava Community Children’s Centre visitors with a tour of the school
  • Towards the end of the term, the Preschool School Starters for the 
    next term attend school for two half days and then a full day, experiencing learning in the Junior Primary class
  • A Parent Information session and School Tour are also an integral part of 
    this programme
  • Staff from Balaklava Primary School & Balaklava Community Children’s Centre and parents where possible, meet to discuss the special learning needs of students prior to school enrolment
  • Preschool staff seek parent permission to enable the school access to 
    the End of Preschool Report Summaries, and also encourage school staff 
    to request parents share their child’s Communication Book with them
  • Once children have settled into their new classrooms on their first day 
    of school, the Balaklava Primary School Parent Coordinating Committee 
    invite parents of all families with newly enrolled students to join them in 
    the staffroom for a ‘Cuppa & Chat’.

As part of the Transition Programme, families will receive an Enrolment Pack from Balaklava Primary School, a letter outlining the Transition Programme dates, and an invitation to the Parent Information session.

In the Enrolment Pack you will find:

Student Enrolment Form – this 7 page document is required by all SA Government Schools. To complete this form the parent/guardian will require access to information on both their own and the child’s:

  • Full name; address; birth date; educational; language and cultural details
  • Child’s Medical Conditions and corresponding First Aid responses as required; Doctor’s name & contact details; Medicare Number; Private Health Insurance details if applicable
  • Names and phone contact details of 2 Emergency Contact people
  • Names; birth details and school of brothers & sisters of the child 
    being enrolled
  • Previous schools attended
  • Transport to school details- including bus route and pick up and drop 
    off times
  • Family Court Orders- photocopies will be housed at school
  • Guardianship of the Minister for Families and Communities or Alternative 
    Care details
  • Balaklava Primary School Consents- this single page document once returned enables the school to manage you child’s participation in a range of activities such as local excursions or walks, non-denominational Christian religious education seminars, head lice checks and dental visits. It also enables us 
    to know if you would like your child’s photograph to appear in our newsletter, in the local paper or on our website
  • Swimming Consent & Medical Information Form- enables students to participate in swimming lessons, swimming carnival and class based activities
  • Internet & Computer User Agreement Form- to be signed by both the 
    parent and student
  • Balaklava Schools Bus Passenger Information- for Bus Travellers only. 
    If you require more information about the eligibility to travel on a school 
    bus or route information please contact the Principal
  • Balaklava Schools Canteen Volunteers Response Slip – The Balaklava Schools Canteen offers an important service to students and without the ongoing support of parent volunteers would not continue. Thank you for considering this invitation.
  • School Dental Service Enrolment Form- Dr Robert Bickmore provides a school dental service which is optional to students in Government Schools. If you would like to take advantage of this free service, please return the completed form to school
Transferring From Another School
Balaklava Primary School is serious about supporting your child at this important transition stage in their learning. To enable us to best meet your child’s needs we invite you to contact the school and make a time for you and your child to meet with the Principal Mrs Dale Gathercole for an Enrolment Interview.

The information gained at this interview enables the school to be responsive and cater for any individual needs your child may have. It also provides an opportunity for a School Tour and for your child to hear a little about the school before they attend. The School Enrolment Pack will also be provided to you at this meeting.

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