Governing Council

The Governing Council (GC) is an elected group of parents and teachers which oversees the management and well-being of the school community and its assets. Members of Council are elected at the Annual General Meeting and usually serve a two-year term. The tasks of GC include -:

  • Keeping informed about the site Learning Plan
  • Advising the Principal of general parental concerns and opinions
  • Discussing educational policy
  • Liaison with staff.

Committees have been formed to help share the responsibilities and decision-making with a greater number of parents who are not members of the GC. Usually, one member of each committee is also a member of GC and reports back to the GC on any recommendations made by the committee, for the GC to vote on if necessary.

Sub-committes of the Governing Council include

  • Finance
  • Canteen
  • Fundraising
  • Parent Co-ordinating Committee
  • Bus
  • Grounds

Please contact the school for further information.

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